Watch this little video to get an overview of the WANDA-FOUR project !


"Smoke from open burning fire is highly toxic"

Cooking of daily meals for the family and at major ceremonies in rural areas is generally done on the wood fire over “three stones”.

Several studies have shown that smoke from open burning fire is highly toxic and harmful to the environment, as well as the health of the people who are exposed to it, especially pregnant women and newborns. Nonetheless, this is a basic and normal situation you still encounter in rural closed kitchens in Africa.


"The clean cook stove"

With our engineering and project management background, we wanted to do something, even the simplest design to solve this problem. That is why our first project was to design, manufacture and distribute a clean cookstove in Cameroon with local expertise to create jobs.

We have designed the WANDA-FOUR, a simple metallic cookstove adapted to the local community's habits of cooking on wood and/or charcoal.

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